AER201 - Engineering Design

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Course Goals

After completion of the course, successful students should be better able to:
  1. Design a solution for an initially unbounded problem, with a multidisciplinary nature, using an iterative, concurrent design process.
  2. Implement design ideas, and create realistic mechatronics systems.
  3. Effectively survey the industrial resources for alternative solutions.
  4. Complete a design project (including fabrication, integration, and debugging) through the detailed design stage in a timely manner.
  5. Develop and use mathematical methods and tools for the synthesis and analysis of realistic engineering problems.
  6. Effectively perform the tasks of component search and acquisition from the market.
  7. Perform test and troubleshooting on different subsystems, as well as rapid prototyping using hardware-in-the-loop simulations.
  8. Participate effectively and provide leadership in an engineering design team.
  9. Gain confidence in technical abilities.
  10. Prepare and present written and oral presentations (proposals, reports, demos, ...) as part of the design procedure.

In this course, skills that students should seek to develop include:
  1. discovery and use of a logical and effective design process;
  2. competence in following the steps of that process;
  3. analytical techniques used in engineering design;
  4. leadership and participation in a design team;
  5. better technical writing;
  6. better public presentation; and
  7. understanding the practice of professional engineering.