AER201 - Engineering Design

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Machine Shop

Drill Presses:

A drill press is preferable to a hand drill when the location and orientation of hte hole must be controlled accurately. Multiple bits for metal as well as wood can be found in the Machine Shop for drilling holes in various materials. Two drill presses can be found in the Machine Shop both in the front room.

Shearing Brake:

A Shearing Brake is a simple device employed to bend thin materials. Adjustments are provided to compensate for various thickness of sheer. One Shear can be found in the front room of the Machine Shop.

Belt Sanders:

A belt sander is useful for removing burrs and rough edges from parts. It is composed of a belt coated with abrasive riding about two pulleys. Belt sanders are effective on wood, most metals (aluminum, steel, brass, etc.), and some plastics. The Machine Shop contains two 12" belt sanders with discs. There is one in each of the two shops.

Band Saw:

The band saw machine is useful for cutting stock to size and roughing out shapes. It contains a serrated blade that forms one continuous loop. The blade is streteched over two pulleys, the upper one idle, and the lower one driven by a variable speed electric motor. The Machine Shop is equipped with one wood bandsaw in the front shop. It can be used to cut plastic, plexiglass and acrylic, in addition to wood.

Metal Band Saw:

The Metal Bandsaw is similar to the wood band saw except that it has a blad which is specially designed for cutting metal objects. It is a ideal for cutting metal rods are sheet metal. There is one metal band saw in the Machine Shop located in the back room.


The lathe is used to create precision metal pieces. There are two lathes in the Machine Shop both located in the back shop.

Table Saw:

The Table Saw is the most common piece of woodworking tools found in any shop. It is used for cutting small and large pieces of wood, and can be used to cut angles in the piece being cut. One Table Saw can be found in the Machine Shop in the front room.

Milling Machine:

Milling machines are versatile machines that are usually used to machine flat surfaces, but can also produce irregular surfaces. They can also be used to drill, bore, cut gears, and produce slots. The type of milling maching in the Machine Shop is a vertical spindle machine. It is located in the back room.